The Mzuri Pro-Til one-pass drill offers single pass establishment into stubble and cover crops without compromising the quality of the seedbed. By cultivating a small uniform till, band placing fertiliser and placing the seed at a controlled depth, the Pro-Til provides the ideal soil environment for each seed to germinate quickly and grow to achieve its full potential.

The Pro-Til’s leading coulter delivers fertiliser below the seed, clears the seeding zone of residue and leaves the crop residue on the surface between the tilled strips to retain moisture and organic matter to improve soil structure and fertility.

The tines and wheels are alternately staggered to give ample space for trash to flow through, making the Pro-Til suitable for use through a wide range of crop residues including cover crops. The independent patented pivoting coulter units are each connected to a balanced pressurised hydraulic system, which ensures an even soil pressure to each of the rear press wheels. This controlled pressure ensures an accurate seed depth and excellent soil-to-seed contact across every row.

The Pro-Til is specifically designed as a single pass ‘stubble to seed bed’ drill, however it is equally at home with inversion systems. Being so versatile, whether drilling directly into stubble, minimally tilled land or even after the plough, makes the Pro-Til the ideal machine to simplify the transition towards permanent direct drilling.

The metering unit consists of a variable speed electric motor and a gearbox driving a specific seed roller. A selection of seed rollers are provided to suit all seed types. Calibration is straightforward and accurate – simply push an electric button, weigh the collected seed and enter the amount into the control panel.

The in-cab drill management system provides on-the-move seed rate adjustment plus all of the normal essential seed drill control and monitoring functions.

Our range of Mzuri direct drills, including the Pro-Til, iPass and Pro-Til iGen are eligible for grant funding under the Farming Equipment & Technology Fund, under the Direct Drill categories. More information will be released alongside the new round of funding available from early 2024.

Under Defra’s new Sustainable Farming Incentive, growers can access per hectare payments for adopting sustainable farming systems including direct drilling with no prior cultivation. Our range of Pro-Til, iPass and Pro-Til iGen drills are compliant and can generate £73/ha each year over the three-year scheme. Growers utilising variable rate fertiliser technology are eligible for an additional £27/ha. More details to follow.

Key Features


The Pro-Til range is available in 3, 4 and 6 metre trailed versions and a 3-metre mounted format. To add further versatility to the range, the Pro-Til is available with options including:


Leg configuration and coulters

Zone A – Fertiliser Placement

The leading serrated disc cuts through the surface straw allowing residue to flow freely to either side of the seeding zone whilst helping to minimise soil disturbance. The auto-reset tine, coupled with replacement point and wing, ensure a clean strip of moist, friable soil, free from surface residue. Fertiliser is band placed below the seed, improving efficiency and reducing fertiliser requirement which goes on to ensure early nutrient accessibility and provide essential support for quick, strong and healthy establishment.

Zone B – Reconsolidation

A key feature with the Pro-Til’s unique design is the fact that all of the machine’s weight is evenly spread across all of the cultivated strips, fundamental in reconsolidating the tilled strip to remove air pockets, widely recognised as very necessary to ensure quick, healthy root development.

Zone C – Seeding

The coulter tool bar operates independently to the fertiliser delivery zone, ensuring easy adjustment and constant seed depth control. Each independent pivoting coulter arm hydraulically exerts pressure to each of the seed depth wheels to ensure accurate seed placement and excellent seed to soil contact for quick and even germination.

The Perfect Environment

  1. Long stubble protects the soil from capping and erosion.
  2. Chopped straw remaining on the surface provides a barrier to evaporation and encourages vital worm activity.
  3. The undisturbed soil provides essential capillary water for quick germination.
  4. Untilled soil is rich in instantly available nutrients, oxygen and water promoting quick, healthy
    root development.
  5. The tilled strip mineralises sufficient nutrients and ensures good soil to seed contact, providing the ideal environment for each seed to germinate quickly and grow to achieve its full potential.
Pro-Til 3T
Pro-Til 4T
Pro-Til 6T
Working Width
Transport Width
Hopper Capacity
2800 ltrs
2800 ltrs
2800 ltrs
Optional Dual Hopper
3400 ltrs
3400 ltrs
3400 ltrs
Row Spacing
Select Wide Row Spacing
No. of Coulters
Tractor Requirement
Working Speed

*All weights, measurements and horse power requirements shown in the specification are approximate

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