Blade Rotary Mower

Featuring Razorback’s renowned build quality and attention to detail, the Blade is the culmination of decades of heritage in the vegetation management industry to deliver a simple, hardworking solution to paddock and amenity mowing with an exciting range of new-to-market features.

Low Power: Exceptional Cut

A unique twin-compact blade system has been developed to provide exceptional cutting capacity with reduced horsepower requirements. Free swinging through 360 degrees, the small design blades not only reduce cost and wastage at the replacement stage, but also, for the life of the blade, help to reduce the torque strain on clutches resulting in improved overall machine health.

Combined with strategic underside skirting, the Razorback Blade mulches chopped residue and distributes it evenly across the full width of the mower contributing to a clean, even cut and finish every time.

One-Touch Axle Adjustment

With relative axle control across the width of the machine, operators can quickly and accurately set the cutting height with just one adjustment. The Razorback Blade achieves this through combining a single ram with an integrated axle design for the ultimate in simple-setup.

The Razorback blade can be configured with four, six or eight heavy duty low profile implement wheels depending on user requirements.  

Semi-Mounted for safe, secure operation and quick touch control

The Razorback Blade’s unique semi-mounted headstock delivers an exceptional turning circle, but more importantly protects the PTO shaft from damage during use for a truly operator friendly machine. With worker safety paramount, the Blade’s unique solution to PTO protection is unmatched in a machine of its kind. In addition to safer operation, the semi-mounted headstock also allows for on-the-go quick adjustment of the cutting height thanks to lifting and lowering the link arms ideal for tailoring the cut depending on the residue.

Key Features:

  • Semi-mounted headstock for sharp turning circles and ultimate PTO protection
  • On-the-go height adjustment via tractor link arms
  • Free swinging twin blade system delivering exceptional cut with reduced horsepower requirements
  • One-touch cutting height control with integrated axle design, reducing setup time
  • High specification 250hp driveline fitted with an easy lubrication system and top-of-the-range guards
  • Easy clean deck for reduced downtime and enhanced machine longevity
  • Customizable axle available with four, six, or eight heavy-duty low-profile implement wheels
  • Compact footprint when folded for safe traveling, equipped with an LED Road Lighting Kit

Patent Application No. 2405889.3


Blade 500
Working Width
Overall Width
Overall Length
Transport Width
Minimum Transport Height
Cutting Capacity
Cutting Width
Cutting Height
Cutting Capacity
Splitter Gearbox Rating
250 HP
Rotor Gearbox Rating
100 HP
Slip Clutch Protection
Tractor Requirements
PTO Speed
Minimum Tractor HP
70hp +
Blade Configuration
Number of Rotors
Number of Blades
6 (2 per rotor)
Blade Design
Hardened Updraft Swinging Blades
Blade Overlap
Swedish Boron Steel Blades
Front Hitch
Semi-Mounted Headstock
Parallel Leveling Drawbar
Main Driveshaft Joint
80˚ CV Joint
Hydraulic Hose Rack and PTO Holder
Deck Configuration
Deck Construction
Double Skin
Hydraulic Wing Operating Range
Front/Rear Guards
Heavy Duty Close Link Chain
Wheel Assembly
Heavy Duty Low Profile Implement Wheels
Wheel Assembly
4 Wheels as Standard
Optional Wheel Assembly
6 or 8 Wheel Upgrade

*Weight listed for 6 wheel variation

**All weights, measurements and horse power requirements shown in the specification are approximate

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