Rising to the challenge

With continually rising input costs and low profit margins, today’s farmers are under more pressure to produce better yields whilst simultaneously reducing farm expenditure than ever before. In addition, there are persistent weeds and crop diseases to keep on top of against the backdrop of tightening regulation and the reduced choice of pest and disease management options.

On a larger scale, crop production outputs need to increase by a twofold to meet the forecasted population growth by 2050. Cereals production has already doubled in the past four decades thanks to a combination of greater fertiliser and pesticide inputs, water management techniques and the introduction of new crop varieties and technologies. However, this has not come without a price to pay. Intensive farming including repetitive ploughing and misuse of agrochemicals is having a detrimental impact on the environment, destroying precious ecosystems and causing soil deterioration. As a result, many growers are suffering plateaued yields, battling persistent weeds and fending off crop disease.

Agriculture is facing a huge challenge of balancing the short-term farm profitability against securing a sustainable farming future.

Luckily, Mzuri has the perfect solution for this seemingly irreconcilable task. The answer lies in working with nature to restore the health of our most valuable asset – the soil. Subsequently, growers can enjoy increased yields and significantly reduce their expenditure.

A result of years of research and continuous trials, Mzuri have developed a unique system that can help growers to both look after the bottom line and safeguard the land for future generations. Used as part of a wider crop management strategy such as a minimum four-year rotation, our patented one-pass strip till technology can quickly improve soil structure, enhance productivity and increase profits.

The Mzuri way. Intensive farming that does not cost the earth.