The Mzuri range of direct drills are capable of carrying out multiple operations including seedbed preparation, fertilising, drilling and reconsolidation in a single pass.

As the system eliminates a number of unnecessary steps, the same soil to seedbed preparation takes only a fraction of the time compared with conventional establishment. The significant reduction in requirement also applies to labour and capital investment.  

Not only is the Mzuri technique more cost-efficient, it produces impressive results. The drill only cultivates a narrow strip, leaving the rest of the area intact and allowing nature to do her work.

The seed is accurately placed in close contact with the aerated, moist, fine crumb structured soil. Users have the option to position a band of fertiliser below the seed, providing it with the ideal conditions for quick and easy germination. Independent press wheels following the fertiliser and seeding coulters offer unparalleled reconsolidation for perfect seed to soil contact. 

In the unseeded zone, soil structure and its inhabiting fauna are fully preserved leading to improved aeration, moisture retention and nutrient supply to the established plant roots. Subsequently, growers can enjoy better yields whilst ensuring the long term viability of the business through more effective management of their “factory floor” – the soil. 

Furthermore, the Mzuri system promotes the use of previous crop residue which, left on the surface, provides food for the soil’s living ecosystem. The micro-organisms slowly work the organic matter back into the ground and break it down into humus and instantly available nutrients. The most effective use of straw by far, the presence of surface litter vastly improves soil structure and fertility. 

Recognising the importance of leaving straw on the surface, the Mzuri range of drills has been specifically designed to cope with large amounts of surface residue. It is capable of drilling directly into all types of crop residue, including chopped straw or cover crops, which also helps to retain moisture and acts as natural thatching to protect topsoil from the elements.

Equally, Mzuri’s performance is just as impressive following conventional primary cultivations as it greatly reduces soil compaction caused by numerous machinery passes. 

In addition, Mzuri drills are capable of drilling in a choice of narrow or wide row spacings which makes it highly versatile and compatible for work with a broad range of crops.  Wider spacing allows more light in between the rows, enabling the plant to make the most out of light interception. This means that the entire surface area of the plant from top to base can be used to harvest the precious sunlight and convert it into energy. The result is a healthier, bushier crop leading to an increase in yields.

The Perfect Environment

  1. Long stubble protects the soil from capping and erosion.
  2. Chopped straw remaining on the surface provides a barrier to evaporation and encourages vital worm activity.
  3. The undisturbed soil provides essential capillary water for quick germination.
  4. Untilled soil is rich in nutrients, oxygen and water promoting quick, healthy
    root development.
  5. By only disturbing soil within the seeding zone, nutrients are mineralised and good soil to seed contact is achieved to provide the ideal environment for each seed to germinate quickly. Additionally, band placement of fertiliser directly below the seed further supports strong early growth right out of the gate.