Leave something to be proud of. That’s the Mzuri philosophy

Our passion is helping farmers and landowners leave behind a landscape and industry to be proud of. Whether that be through greater financial security of the family business or ensuring a stable ecological environment that is fit to feed the future – we offer crop establishment solutions that make a real difference.

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Straw management for successful direct drilling

As farming systems become more productive, arable enterprises are faced with increasing levels of straw to manage post-harvest.

For many this provides a valuable secondary income source when baled, but for others, whether through environmental objectives or simply not having the demand for it, straw management forms part of the preparation for next year’s crop.

Some growers may see leaving straw in the field as a luxury or perhaps a nuisance depending on their system, but when managed well, there are a number of advantages with wide ranging benefits from soil health to better establishment.

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