Own a Pro-Til from £2.50/ha per month

6th October 2020

New Autumn Finance Offer launched

At Mzuri we have recently launched our new finance offer for all Pro-Til drills ordered this Autumn.

Based on a 50% deposit and five annual payments, growers could own an innovative single pass Pro-Til Select 3T for as little as £2.50/ha per month when farming hectarages in line with the Mzuri user average of 275ha. The figure is intended as a guide only, but growers who farm a larger area can expect an even lower cost per hectare to switch to the system.

As part of adopting a single pass establishment system, there are significant cost savings to be made over conventional crop establishment, by consolidating multiple operations into one. The Pro-Til prepares a targeted seedbed and reconsolidates the seed whilst applying fertiliser, slug bait and other crop protection products in one go. It is also this targeted approach to cultivation that gives the Pro-Til its recognised soil health credentials that goes on to improve soil structure within a field and supports higher yielding, healthier crops.

For those looking to take advantage of the Mzuri finance scheme this Autumn, the promotion is valid until 31st January 2021 and is applicable across all Pro-Til models, subject to terms and conditions. For more information call the Mzuri office on 01905 841123.

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