Mzuri to present the new ‘direct till drill’ concept at Tillage-Live

8th August 2016

Mzuri confirmed attendance at Tillage-Live event taking place on 14th September at Monks Kirby, Warwickshire, where the manufacturer will be presenting their low disturbance tillage equipment. Specifically, visitors to the Mzuri’s demonstration plot will be able to see Mzuri’s new Pro-Til ‘direct till drill’ concept and the Rezult straw rake. The company’s technical staff will also be at hand on James Green Farm Machinery’s stand to advise farmers on best strip-till practice techniques.

New to Tillage-Live show, Mzuri will use its working plot to showcase its innovative ‘direct till drill’ concept – a unique 3-in-1 drill which allows users to carry out strip tilling, direct drilling and precision seeding with just one piece of equipment. The one pass drill offers the ultimate flexibility which is awarded by its wide choice of seeding coulters, some of which will be fitted onto the Pro-Til 3T Select – Mzuri’s trailed three metre model – on demonstration. Designed to create minimum soil disturbance, the Pro-Til Select produces a narrow tilled band to ensure quick and even seed germination whist leaving the rest of the ground intact to aid soil structure. Capable of drilling most combinable crops, the direct till drill will feature pivoting leading discs, auto-reset breaker legs complete with wing and fertiliser placement option and staggered reconsolidating wheels, to ensure the perfect seeding environment. The patented seeding legs on the machine have a 900mm clearance for maximum trash flow and pivot side to side to ensure the seed is always placed centrally to the seeding zone. The legs will feature a ground-following wheel which delivers exceptional seeding depth accuracy, with a pressure ram for optimum soil reconsolidation. A combination of these unique features significantly reduces the risks typically associated with crop establishment, which include hair pinning or uneven germination.

Seed delivery is from a dual 3400 litre hopper (60:40 seed:fertiliser ratio) with variable seed metering unit and seed flow monitors also fitted as standard. The Select model is capable of placing seed in 33.3cm or 66.6cm row spacings and in single or dual bands, depending on coulter configuration, to best suit the crop. The Pro-Til direct till drill can go directly into straw stubble and previous crop residue, as well as into ploughed seedbed. The Pro-Til 3T Select model retails from £63,840.00.

Mzuri will also be demonstrating the Rezult – the 7.5m low disturbance tilth generator. Fitted with 24 front cutting discs and 5 rows of extra-long 28” tines, the Rezult marks a major advance in the preparation of stale seedbeds and straw management. The light tilth produced by the machine is ideal for stimulating weed germination and has proven to be highly effective in controlling black-grass, as well as disturbing slug habitats. Followed by a blanket application of non-selective herbicide, this creates the perfect environment for drilling. The Rezult can also be fitted with a Stocks seeder which makes for a cheap, yet highly effective method of establishing cover crops. Retail prices start at £13,990.00.

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