Mzuri Ambassador
Chris Heath

Area - 3800 acres
Type - Arable
Soils - Heavy Evesham Lias Clay, Blue Clay, Red Marl
Cropping - Milling Winter Wheat, Spring & Winter Barley, OSR, Beans, Maize
Machinery - Mzuri Pro-Til, Mzuri iPass

Consistent Harvests in Warwickshire: Chris Heath’s Journey with Mzuri Pro-Til

In a picturesque corner of Warwickshire, where farming traditions run deep, fourth-generation farmer Chris Heath has been turning heads with his outstanding crop yields. For the past two years, he has harnessed the innovative technology of the Mzuri Pro-Til drill to transform his arable enterprise along the historic Fosse Way.

Breaking away from conventional heavy cultivations, Chris Heath and his family decided to adopt the Mzuri Pro-Til system, driven by the rising cost of fuel and unpredictable grain prices. This decision has paid off in abundance, as the innovative approach has not only boosted crop consistency but also brought remarkable sustainability benefits to the table.

The Mzuri Pro-Til’s impact on light interception and wide row spacing has been instrumental in the astounding success of Chris Heath’s crops. By strategically spacing crop rows, thus optimising light exposure to the plants, the Pro-Til enhances photosynthesis, leading to healthier and more robust crop growth.

Beyond its capacity to bolster crop performance, the Mzuri Pro-Til champions sustainable agriculture by minimising the need for chemical interventions. The wider row spacing, and improved airflow reduces humidity levels in the crop canopy, creating an unfavourable environment for pests and diseases.

As a result, Chris has observed a significant reduction in chemical applications, particularly pesticides and fungicides. This not only enhances the ecological balance of his fields but also reduces operational costs associated with chemical inputs.

“The Mzuri Pro-Til has revolutionised our farming practices,” Chris shared. “Not only have our crops flourished, but we have also taken significant steps towards reducing our environmental impact. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how much we’ve been able to cut down on chemical usage. It’s a win-win situation for us and the ecosystem.”

Chris’s decision to transition from traditional plough-based methods to the Mzuri Pro-Til was initially met with cautious optimism. It represented a significant shift in mindset, challenging long-standing practices passed down through generations. However, after witnessing the impressive results and sustainability gains achieved by the system, Chris is now a passionate advocate for the Mzuri system.

The secret behind the Mzuri Pro-Til’s success lies in its innovative design. The drill features a leading leg that loosens heavy clay soils while simultaneously preparing a nursery seedbed for optimal seeding. This careful cultivation promotes ideal conditions for early root development and sturdy crop establishment.

Chris’s Spring crops this year exemplify the Pro-Til advantage over conventional establishment. With a diverse portfolio of soil types on his 3300-acre estate, including sand and heavy clay, achieving consistent performance across all fields was once a formidable challenge. However, the Pro-Til’s adaptability enabled him to plant when the weather conditions allowed, ensuring uniform establishment throughout each field.

One standout transformation was witnessed in a headland of Spring Barley, which had consistently underperformed in the past and was earmarked for woodland. With the Mzuri Pro-Til, the headland exhibited a remarkable improvement, thriving in a previously challenging environment.

Wheat established using the Mzuri system
A brilliant crop of Wheat established with the Mzuri system,

“The headland in front of the wood has always performed poorly and lies very wet,” Chris explained. “With the Mzuri, it’s allowed me to drill when it’s ready, and the front leg lifts out giving me good establishment edge to edge.”

Another noteworthy aspect of the Mzuri Pro-Til system is its versatility, allowing successful crop establishment in a wide range of cultivated and non-cultivated fields. From direct seeding into stubbles to adapting to various soil types, the Pro-Til has consistently proven its adaptability.

The system’s efficiency and ease of use have also increased interest from neighbouring farmers, who have witnessed the visible success achieved by Chris Heath. The positive word-of-mouth has sparked a wave of enthusiasm for the Mzuri system, with farmers keen to explore its potential for their own fields.

For Chris Heath, adopting the Mzuri Pro-Til was a leap of faith, a bold departure from the familiar plough-based methods that had long defined his family’s farming legacy. However, as the results speak for themselves, Chris is resolute in his conviction that embracing innovation is the key to unlocking greater agricultural potential.

“My takeaway message for anyone considering the Mzuri system is that it can often be a change of mindset, but the results are undeniable,” Chris shared. “By working with the Mzuri Pro-Til and understanding what you’re trying to achieve, the benefits are truly transformative.”

As the Mzuri Pro-Til continues to revolutionise farming practices, stories like Chris Heath’s stand as inspiring examples of sustainable agricultural innovation. With its ability to harness light interception, optimise air flow, and reduce chemical applications, the Pro-Til sets a new standard for environmentally responsible farming.

As more farmers explore and adopt progressive systems like the Mzuri Pro-Til, the future of agriculture looks promising. With pioneers like Chris Heath leading the charge, the sector is embracing sustainable solutions that ensure both productivity and ecological harmony – a true win for farmers, consumers, and the planet. In an era where sustainability and environmental consciousness are paramount, farmers like Chris Heath are seeking progressive solutions that strike a balance between productivity and ecological responsibility. For Chris, the Mzuri Pro-Til presented an enticing opportunity to enhance the overall health of his fields while simultaneously improving yields.

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Chris Heath

Area - 3800 acres
Type - Arable
Soils - Heavy Evesham Lias Clay, Blue Clay, Red Marl
Cropping - Milling Winter Wheat, Spring & Winter Barley, OSR, Beans, Maize
Machinery - Mzuri Pro-Til, Mzuri iPass

Chris Heath in a brilliant field of Wheat established using the Mzuri system .

A flawless sea of evenly established Mzuri drilled Wheat.

Uniformed establishment from headland to headland.

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