Guy Shelby

Location: Benningholme Grange, East Yorkshire

The Pro-Til drill is a brilliant piece of kit and we are very impressed with the way it establishes all of our crops. The small press wheel gives excellent seed to soil contact which is where this machine has the edge over its competitors. The drill is very effective in creating the perfect seedbed in one pass whilst improving the rooting structure under the growing crop. Soil structure and biodiversity have improved over the last few years and there are definitely more worms in the soil profile which helps to break down straw residue after harvest. Another huge benefit is time – my working hours have reduced considerably meaning I have more time for my family now.

Using the Mzuri drill has dramatically reduced our establishment costs from £220/ha to £120/ha for wheat and £74/ha for OSR before seed. Our crop yields are increasing year on year, with winter wheat averaging 12.5 t/ha and OSR at 5 t/ha. This gives us a massive saving in cost of production and in these uncertain times it is vital to remain profitable and sustainable. I would never go back to the old crop establishment method.

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