Mzuri to showcase latest range of strip tillage equipment at SIMA 2019

31st January 2019

Mzuri, a British producer of specialist agricultural machinery, will be in Paris from the 24th to the 28th of February displaying their innovative product range at SIMA 2019.

Visitors to stand 5b B 085 at the Paris Nord Villepinte exhibition centre will be able to see the Pro-Til 6T one pass drill, the Pro-Til 4T Xzact precision seeder and the Rezult stubble rake.

Pro-Til 6T

Taking centre stage will be the largest in the Pro-Til fleet – the 6T. The innovative one pass drill features the same innovations as its smaller counterparts including individually hydraulically pressurised pivoting coulters that accurately place seed in the centre of the tilled zone – even in undulating ground. The large dual tank is capable of band placing fertiliser below the seed to ensure early nutrient accessibility and improve efficiency of fertiliser use.
In addition to carrying out multiple operations including fertilising, drilling and reconsolidation in just one pass, the Pro-Til drill can perform the job of three machines – a strip till drill, a direct drill and a precision seeder.

Pro-Til Xzact Precision Seeder

The Pro-Til 4T Xzact model will also be showcased at SIMA representing the latest in Mzuri’s precision seeding technology. The Xzact system combines the accuracy of conventional precision seeding placement with the benefits of the Mzuri one pass strip tillage system. Available as a retrofit option to existing machines, the Xzact precision technology provides users with the ultimate in flexibility.

Electronic precision seeding units and coulter assembly delivers consistent single seed placement, whilst constant hydraulic pressure of each coulter arm ensures seeding depth accuracy is maintained at all times.

Crops are accurately spaced regardless of seed size thanks to adjustable-pressure vacuum metering. Each unit contains a metering disc and a singulator to prevent skips or doubles and is driven by an electric motor which maintains the same seeding distance at variable speeds.

Unlike conventional precision seeders, the Pro-Til Xzact extends drilling and reduces downtime by automatically replenishing mini-hoppers via a bulk fill mechanism directly from the main tank.

REZULT Stubble Rake

The REZULT rake has earned its place in the Mzuri strip tillage system as an effective tool against blackgrass and slugs. The five-row tine harrow, incorporating leading discs, creates the perfect level of tilth to encourage weeds to chit, as well as providing growers with a means to mechanically destroy cover crops prior to drilling.

The heavy duty tines are capable of reducing reliance on slug protection products by physically breaking up slug habitats and exposing eggs to the elements – particularly effective on a hot day.

With a multitude of applications the Rezult stubble rake delivers flexible seedbed management in a robust and reliable package.

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