Mzuri Rehab – Seeding Cover Crops

Simple but effective, the Mzuri Rehab is an ideal tool for establishing cover crops.

Mzuri Rehab – Seeding OSR

Martin Lole shows us the Mzuri Rehab seeding Oilseed Rape on the Mzuri trial farm in Worcestershire

The Anatomy of the Pro-Til

Filmed for a virtual student tour last year, Martin Lole walks us through the build of the Pro-Til from start to finish. In this video Martin demonstrates the unique design features that makes Mzuri a market leader in innovation.

Farmer Focus – Spring Barley

When you manage 3300 acres, consistency is vital as Warwickshire grower Chris Heath demonstrates with his side by side drill comparison. Both Spring Barley, both direct drilled – The one, Mzuri the other, a popular direct tine drill. The difference speaks for itself.

Farmer Focus – Corner to Corner Establishment

Warwickshire grower, Chris Heath talks to us about how the Mzuri Pro-Til has allowed him to establish even, corner to corner crops in his first Spring with his new drill.

Farmer Focus: Dry Spring & Seedbed Fertiliser

Six weeks on we discuss the importance of retaining moisture and band placing fertiliser below the seed, particularly in spring drilling.