Mzuri System Recognised as Optimum Method of Establishment in Accordance with Government Funding and Sustainable Farming Directives

Mzuri Ltd, a leading innovator in agricultural technology, is thrilled to announce that its ground breaking Mzuri System is recognised as the optimal method of establishment in alignment with government funding initiatives and sustainable farming directives.

Amidst global efforts to prioritise sustainable agriculture practices, Mzuri’s commitment to innovation and environmental stewardship has positioned the company as a key player in driving positive change within the industry. The Mzuri System, renowned for its effectiveness in promoting soil health, reducing carbon footprint, and enhancing crop yields, has gained widespread approval from farmers, agronomists and policy makers.

In a significant development, Mzuri’s comprehensive product range has been approved under the Sustainable Farming Incentive (SFI) and Farming Equipment and Technology Fund (FETF) grant schemes. This recognition underscores Mzuri’s dedication to facilitating sustainable farming practices and aligning with governmental efforts to incentivise environmentally friendly agricultural methods.

“We are delighted that the Mzuri System has been acknowledged as the preferred method of establishment by governmental bodies and sustainability advocates,” said Martin Lole, Farmer, Engineer, and Founder of Mzuri Ltd. “This recognition reaffirms our commitment to empowering farmers with innovative solutions that not only optimise productivity but also promote environmental resilience and long-term sustainability.”

The SFI and FETF grant schemes, due to be released soon, will provide farmers with financial support to invest in equipment and technologies that advance sustainable agricultural practices. By approving the Mzuri product range, governments are actively endorsing solutions that contribute to soil conservation, biodiversity preservation, and overall farm profitability.

With the Mzuri System now recognised as a cornerstone of sustainable farming initiatives, farmers can leverage these grants to adopt cutting-edge technologies that enhance their operational efficiency while minimizing environmental impact.

In 2023 Mzuri Ambassador, Mr Adam Lewis of Herefordshire, purchased his Pro-Til Select Dual Tank 3T drill with the help of the FETF grant. The grant funded £25,000 towards the cost of the drill which has gone on to provide considerable cost savings over Mr Lewis’s previous conventional system. Not only has Mr Lewis seen his cost of establishment drop, but he has also noted increased yields and better soil health thanks to the switch to Mzuri’s single pass technology.

Mr Lewis commented “The grant has been fantastic for updating our existing system and has allowed us to make the changes needed to secure a sustainable long-term future, both for our business but also the environment”.

Additionally, Mzuri Ambassador Mr Will Massie from Shropshire also bought a Pro-Til Select Dual Tank 4T drill with the support of the FETF grant.

Mr Massie was successfully granted £25,000 towards the cost of the drill in 2023. By investing in the Mzuri system, the farm has increased productivity and sustainability. The one-pass system allows a single operator to comfortably drill 100 acres. This has doubled the farms output and comes with reduced establishment costs, from 25 litres per hectare to just 10 litres per hectare making a huge saving in cost of establishment.

Mr Massie commented “The FETF grant created an opportunity for the farm to invest in the Mzuri system which has increased the sustainable practices of the farm without affecting yield. As a result, our cost of establishment has reduced, and the productivity of the farm has increased; whilst improving soil structure and reducing our carbon footprint.”

Mzuri believe that crop establishment is the single greatest influence on your bottom line.

For more information about the Mzuri System and its approval under the SFI and FETF grant schemes, visit or contact the Mzuri office on 01905 841123.

Published by Mzuri Ltd on 19th February 2024.

Mzuri Ambassador Neil White is Farmers Weekly – Arable Farmer of the Year 2023.

Mzuri launch new linkage single pass drill at Cereals 2023 

Recognising the demand for a linkage mounted drill with more output, Mzuri have developed the new Mzuri Pro-Til iGen. 

Staying true to the Mzuri philosophy, the Pro-Til iGen is a one pass drill designed to produce the perfect seeding environment straight into stubble, cover crops and grassland. Accurate seeding depth is maintained across the width of the machine and dual reconsolidation is achieved through a full width packer roller and individual press wheels. The Pro-Til iGen is equally at home working in cultivated ground thanks to its full width packer roller as typically used on all combination drills.
Aimed at farmers looking for a high output, mounted solution, the new range has launched as 4.8m machine, which Mzuri felt was the natural initial size to start the range.

Based on the Mzuri Pro-Til core concept, the Pro-Til iGen features a leading tine to prepare a nursery seedbed, dual reconsolidation, and independent coulters as standard. With independent coulters arguably Mzuri’s most respected feature, it is no surprise the Pro-Til iGen boasts fully independent coulters, each with its own depth wheel which reconsolidates, but more importantly provides individual height control of each coulter. A simple mechanism is employed to control height and pressure of the rear seeding wheels, offering exceptional seed placement accuracy across the width of the machine.

Reliable seed delivery is achieved through twin metering units with seed being conveyed via a generous fan system. The iGen’s 2200ltr tank is pressurised to effectively double output over conventional metering, with the drill operating comfortably at speeds up to 18kph.

The Pro-Til iGen is fitted with a twin harrow bar as standard to achieve a uniform level surface, ideal for getting the best out of pre-emergence herbicides.

Mzuri made the decision to expand their mounted drill offering to cater to a growing market of customers looking for a linkage format without compromising on reliable establishment or output. Customers can also benefit from the associated cost savings of a mounted machine, with the Pro-Til iGen range expected to be up to 30% cheaper per metre than its trailed version.

The new model is available to view at upcoming exhibitions including Groundswell and available to demo from this Autumn.

For more product information, please call the Mzuri office on 01905 841123.


Mzuri Dealer KO Machines recently visited user Jack Houghton, arable manager at DW Burton Farms in Staffordshire. Jack explained why they chose the Pro-Til 4T Select Drill purchased through KO Machines.

Drilling into efficiency with Ally Hunter-Blair

You may know Ally from his popular combine karaoke videos on social media, or for his role in Quest TV’s Born Mucky, but in 2019 Weir End Farm made the move to reduced tillage and took delivery of a Mzuri Pro-Til 3T.

Talking of his experiences with the new system, his cost savings and balancing busy farm life – CPM magazine have delved deeper into how the new direction is bringing benefits throughout the business.

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